Test Tube Baby at Shinde Hospital, Ahmednagar

Test Tube Baby Centre at Shinde Hospital

Shinde Hospital and Ankur Infertility Centre, in Ahmednagar, is the first of its kind in Ahmednagar, Maharashtra region. The word itself sounds with a meaning of creation. With a thought to bring blossoms of joy among the couple facing health problems related to childbirth, Ankur Infertility Centre is established.
It is a Test Tube Baby center with full-fledged, sophisticated equipment’s and facilities for the people. We avail ourselves in providing quality services 24X7 to the people. Sr. Gynecologists team is dedicated to the research and discovery of safe and effective IVF&IUI solutions. Shinde Hospital and Ankur Infertility Centre offers a wide range of applications including IVF, ICSI & Surrogacy as well as Techniques like TESA/MESA/PESA. Our Hospital has well trained doctor’s team for high risk pregnancy management & painless delivery.
Shinde Hospital and Ankur Infertility Centre is established to serve the people to fulfill their dreams related to childbirth. The causes or reasons for the infertility can be treated with a number of techniques and treatments with growth in research and study now a day. We stand as one in providing such treatments to the public to bring cheers in their life. We have experienced doctors for each and every department to take care of the people attending for the treatments. We do take care of the patient’s mental status and suffering they experience due to their negative health issues related to child birth.